04 - Shattered melody of silence

music by Jannis Zotos
lyrics by Mikis Theodorakis


Somewhere along the dead end road
there will be drawn a dummy door.
A door that slightly opens
as the walls disintegrate
prior to utter suffocation.

You walked a nearby street
and you knew everything.
The night was missing.
It forgot its ceremonial black.
It forgot its false enigma
and drowned in yearning.
Dawn found it but did not recognize it.

You spread your hand
and the furniture trembles covertly,
while you do not know that everything is insane,
you do not know it.
And I am drowning in all the night's rivers.

(Chairetismi, 1981)

And though you are still in the light
the night was by your side watching over you.
And wildest winds were roaring on you
while the shattered melody of silence
sang you to sleep, mellowly ...

(Ikaria, 1947)